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About Us

Kokusai Nursery Co., Ltd. is one of the oldest retail orchid nurseries in Japan and was founded in 1956. We have been providing orchid speicies and hybrids of high quality to hobby growers and collectors in Japan and also worldwide. We have also participated in numbers of orchid shows and events around Japan looking forward to seeing more and more orchids enthusiasts from all over the world.


Check our latest catalogs and lists here! Annually-issued catalogs cover most of our collections of orchid species and hybrids whose supply may last till the next issue, while seasonal lists features newly imported items, spiking plants, rare items, and other seasonal items.
Unfortunately explanations are available only in Japanese, but we do accept orders from overseas. Please ask if you have any questions.
*The consumption tax rate has been raised to 10% since Oct. 2019. Prices now may differ from those on the catalogs and lists issued before Sept. 2019.

Catalogs (annual issue)


Visit to Our Nursery

The nursery is located in Isehara city about hour and a half away from central Tokyo, open to the public from 09:00 to 17:00 and closed on Wednesday. We always welcome your visit, but be sure to contact us in advance to see if English speaking staff is available upon your visit if you wish for assistance. In addition to our wide selection of orchids, beautiful Sakura trees welcome you in full bloom in spring!


Find us on Facebook, Twitter, and instagram! (the links are in the footer section.) We are looking forward to your orchid pictures and comments!

Contact Us

We are planning to add more contents in English, but what is available in English on this website now is still very limited. Contacting via email is always advisable. Any questions are welcomed!